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2015-05-11_162713The area that most golfers tend to neglect, when it comes to their golf game, is the area of course knowledge. When a golfer plays a particular golf course all of the time, he or she knows that they begin to develop an advantage because they instinctively know how things break, what to expect if the ball lands in a particular position, where they can pitch and run or when they have to get the ball all of the way to the pin, etc. 2015-05-11_161946

On the Course If you intend to play some of the nicer courses in resort areas, always remember to wear a collared shirt and slacks or knee length shorts. And you can pretty much be assured that metal spikes will not be allowed. For women, no tank tops and no short-shorts. This will save you embarrassment and the cost of proper attire from the resort proshop.

2015-05-11_162023ConditioningYou read more and more these days about the benefits of proper conditioning and that applies to golf as well. But there needs to proper balance so that you are expanding your arch and not restricting your swing. The objective is greater distance and control…

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1994 and the sky was finally brilliant after waiting all morning for the sun to come up so that we could be the first off the tee. The dew was just starting to disappear as the mowers started on the front green and we followed them every step of the way as we…

Situation Golf Quiz

Up hill lie in fairway – where do you position the ball in your stance stance, balance your weight, what is the swing plain and how do you select the right club?


Strategy Tip – Always give your self the widest angle to your spot off the tee. Don’t be reluctant to utilize the entire tee box.


“A Joint by Joint Approach to a Better Golf Swing”


Look at any golf magazine and you will see an article on how to improve your golf swing. Stand like this, line your toes up here, rotate your grip, do this with your head, etc, etc. There are a million ways to tweak things to try and improve your golf game. I am not going to talk about the technical aspects of changing your swing but the physical aspects instead. There needs to be.

2015-05-11_162145Better course management does lead to better golf. You see that every week on the professional tours. Golfers are talking about placement, pin angles, slopeswhere to position the ball for the next shot. The Pocket Pro gives you a tool to get that edge where you can clearly map out your game plan based on your skill level.