Golf Conditioning

You’ll Gain Distance With Every Club!

“Widening the Swing Arc added a good 20 yards to my driver…” Mark Gardner, PGA Professional

Today, there are several conditioning programs out there. But not all of them give the same result.

“I tried a program last year but I found that my chest areas was tightening up which restricted my swing and cost me distance… Rob’s program did exactly the opposite. Within a couple of weeks I was hitting the ball longer, with less effort and maintaining much greater control.” Mark Gardner, PGA Professional

Some other programs address just the shoulders or lower torso or…and so you have to buy multiple programs to cover the entire golf swing, but with Ultimate Performance, you get everything for the whole body with the tools to then build the program that fits the area where you need more flexibility/mobility/stability.

“…although you can split things out, it is highly suggested that you incorporate the whole program because your body, as you know, is interconnected and so to only address one area can then cause another area some stress or strain”, according the Rob Siclair, Physical Therapist and author of the Ultimate Performance program.

Conditioning should not be a “sometimes” thing. It should be an ongoing program to keep your muscles and tendons pliable. Only doing the exercises when you play and/or when you feel there is a problem can actually add more strain to those areas as opposed to helping.

Let’s take the off-season, for instance: This is when you should clearly have a routine that you do daily. All of us probably sit more frequently than we should. Especially as we get older. And when we do sit, we are not getting motion and so our bodies get stiff and this is just natural. And so a regular routine is necessary to keep the joints flexible and mobile.

Are you a weight trainer? That is another important part of gaining strength which can also add distance if coupled with a solid conditioning program. If not coupled with a solid conditioning program targeting the flexibility and mobility of the body, then the weight training will only tighten up those areas causing you to lose distance as opposed to gaining distance.

Make sense? The key here is having the right sort of balance. The Ultimate Performance Conditioning program addresses not only all areas of the body but it also addresses your strength. (The right kind of strength for you as a golfer.)

I want you to try this program. Try it for 30 days and if you aren’t seeing improvement after 30 days then send the dvd back to us with no questions asked. We are that confident that this program WILL MAKE a difference. (This offer is only good for orders received during the month of July 2008.)

Remember, our program may seem more expensive than others you have seen on the market but our program is complete. The Ultimate Performance DVD covers all areas of the golf swing. And we focus on technique to give you maximum results. There is no doubt that if you follow this program you will see measurable results.

 Order Here between now and the end of July and get ready for the 2008 golf season. Each DVD comes with a corresponding exercise guide, a pocket reminder of things you can do on the course to stay limber, and access to exercise schedule sheets to devise your own personalized program.

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