Junior Golf

Pocket Pro Adopted for Major

Tournaments in 2006

by Patch

The area that most golfers tend to neglect, when it comes to their golf game, is the area of course knowledge. When a golfer plays a particular golf course all of the time, he or she knows that they begin to develop an advantage because they instinctively know how things break, what to expect if the ball lands in a particular position, where they can pitch and run or when they have to get the ball all of the way to the pin, etc.

But even in the case of playing a course over and over again, there can be an advantage to laying out a course golf strategy in writing – especially for tournaments and such. That added pressure sometimes can cause our minds to wander or get preoccupied. And a written plan can cause us to stop on each tee and review and/or remind ourselves of what is up ahead and what we intend to do on that particular hole – keeping us focused and in the moment.

Golf seems to present new challenges every time we tee up that little white ball. There are always surprises. Lies that we have not seen before; divots our ball seems to gravitate toward; kinks in our swing that are a new element; plugged golf balls; and my all time favorite the “lost ball in the middle of the fairway” (a sure ticket to insanity).

Golf is also a very social game and by writing out your golf strategy in advance it provides a quick reminder of what you are trying to accomplish. And it shouldn’t matter whether there is a bet on the line or not. It would seem to me that there should be enough incentive to just play the best round possible each time out and keep that handicap down where it belongs.

This week begins a series of nation-wide golf tournaments that have adopted the Pocket Pro for their participants to use in developing an effective course strategy. The process usually consists of 3 parts:

  • The collection of course data (Managing the Course)
  • The development/writing out of a game-plan (Plan Your Strategy)
  • And finally the execution

In the case of the following tournaments in 2006, the participants used the “Managing the Course” booklets which encourage the player to observe everything about each hole then sketch and note those things necessary to playing a sound golf strategy. This is especially critical with courses that the participants have either not played before or have played infrequently.

Although distances are marked on every hole in the fairway, it is wise to note distance from each position (right or left of the fairway, beginning and end of the traps, from one trap to another, from any position to the center of the green, etc.) so that when the player is mentally considering the possibilities they can make informed decisions. Often this can be the difference of that one stroke necessary to take home the title.

Our hats are off to all who qualified and played in the following tournaments. I am sure that each golfer’s strategy was a winning one!

WGKC Golf Association Member/Guest Day
EDS Byron Nelson Jr. Championship
Alaskan Golf Association Spring Opener
42nd Senior Men’s Amateur
The Texas Public Links Championship
Texas Jr Match Play Champioship
13th Washington State Golf Assoc. Women’s Championship
80th Washington State Golf Assoc. Men’s Championship
The Chad Campbell Jr. Championship
DA Weibring Jr. Classic
105th Pacific Northwest GA Women’s Amateur Championship
5th Pacific Northwest GA Women’s Mid-Amateur Championship
105th Pacific Northwest GA Men’s Amateur Championship
The Greater Houston Jr. Open
The Texas Legends Jr. Championship
The Bruce Lietzke Jr. Invitational
The Ben Hogan Jr. Invitational
31st Pacific Northwest GA Men’s Master-40 Championship
51st Pacific Northwest GA Jr. Girl’s Amateur Championship
52nd Pacific Northwest GA Jr Boy’s Amateur Championship
23rd Pacific Northwest GAMen’s Public Links Championship
9th Pacific Northwest GA Women’s Public Links Championship
22nd Pacific Northwest GA Men’s Mid-Amateur Championship
Exec. Women’s Golf Assoc. Championship Finals
29th Washington State Senior Men’s Championship
24th Pacific Northwest GA Women’s Senior Team Championship
24th Pacific Northwest GA Senior Men’s Team Championship
21st Pacific Northwest GA Senior Women’s Championship
The Legends of Tour Championship